The Waiting Game


Once upon a time, there has been old and young love all around me. ♡♥♡♥
I’m just sitting with my drawing pad and ink and patiently waiting for those days to come.

            They all say:
             Patience is a virtue.

Once Again, Hmong Girl Running Away From Farming.


It’s that time again when I should be starting to garden.  (○.○)  Should I. . . .yes. Will I. . .no. Then, the question is “why?”
My honest answer:
I remember when I would have to farm with my mother and it was just exhausting, sweaty, and taking forever! (-_-”) Especially when a big hole had to be dug to put the lemon grasses in. It was for sure rewarding though after all the endless work. Yes. . . I have some farming skills taught from my mother believe it or not. (^○^)

Still, I will not farm. . . .yet. ^^

LOL. Now though, I am very thankful that there are very hardworking farmers out there that provide me with my very organic yummy Hmong greens though. Without their hardwork planting, growing, and bringing them to the flea market everyday, I would probably have to farm. *fist pump* <3